Everything started with Manhã de Carnaval.

Sometimes everything falls into place.

Today I’m packing for two concerts in Brazil with Karsu and in this very hectic period I’m rehearsing and arranging for the Tribute To Orfeu Negro concerts which will take place in June (check agenda for info).

Manhã de Carnaval, the titelsong of the Orfeu Negro movie in 1959 composed by Luiz Bonfa, was the first song I ever learned to play on guitar. It also was the first song I ever played and sung live for an audience  in 1996 in Surinam. A very basic version, but the melody instantly touched my heart. As a young boy I used to hear those Bossa Nova songs at home when my father and mother played those records over and over again. Then interpreted by Baden Powell or Joao Gilberto. Here the original version from the Oscar winning movie ‘Orfeu Negro’:


And now, in 2013, It’s still my favourite song and together with Karsu we will perform this beautiful song for a Brazilian audience in Sao Paolo and Araraquara. 

In June, together with the 90 piece Sweelinck Orchestra, soprano Silvia O’Brien, storytellers Max Westerman and Nina Jurna, I’ll perform it live in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. We’ll pay tribute to the most inspiring movie Orfeu Negro and a deep message of love.

I feel like Orfeu, living to love. Maybe because Orfeu sounds like Orville 😉 Watch the movie on youtube! You’ll understand what I mean.

Check this promofilm made by Do Brasil Publicidade (in Dutch):


I feel so privileged that I have this opportunity to live this dream come true. I hope to see you all in Brazil or in the audience for the Tribute to Orfeu Negro. And I hope you’ll be inspired by the melody and meaning of this breathtaking song, which inspired me to play guitar forever..

Até breve! 😉