Looking back at North Sea Jazz, Tribute to Orfeu Negro and Touring with Karsu

Hey Folks,

These last months were just crazy hectic! But very adventurous and especially musically successful.

Last weekend on the 13th of July I’ve performed with Karsu on the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival in front of a enormous and superb enthusiastic crowd. With an extended band we’ve rocked the crowd. Everything was just perfect: the sound, the crowd, the weather and we had so much fun!! Thank you North Sea Jazz…

Just some weeks before I’ve been touring with Karsu in Istanbul, Ankara and Gaziantep. Well, Istanbul and Ankara I had seen before (like 20 times), but Gaziantep was a warm welcome to me. If you guys want to taste the most delicious Turkish food, go visit Gaziantep!! And yes, the concerts were rocking… A month later (one week ago) we also performed in Istanbul again for a wedding in The Four Seasons Hotel..


After touring with Karsu in Brazil in late May my Brazilian love journey just continued in The Netherlands. With Breathing  and the Sweelinck Orchestra we payed homage to the 1959 Brazilian movie Orfeu Negro.  Featuring Max Westerman, Nina Jurna, Silvia O’Brien and a 13 piece classical orchestra with added Jazz musicians. We started this mini tour in Leiden and ended in a sold out Concertgebouw. We’re now working on a continuation of this beautiful piece. A mixture of classical music, bossa nova and…. magic 😉 . I wrote the script, arranged a few songs for orchestra and performed A Felicidade and Manha de Carnaval. Another Breathing dream that started as an idea two years ago and

came true in the Summer of 2013.. Obrigado everyone for coming!! (special shout out to DoBrasil Publicidade for the trailer and pics)

On the 3rd of August I play at the South East Jazz Festival with my own band! Come and check it out in the Amsterdam Arena.

Have a great summer and hopefully till soon!!!





pics by: DoBRASIL Publicidade, Cansu Donmez, Birgul Donmez, Filiz Gunes..