Living the dream: touring, composing, arranging..

Hello folks!

Hereby I send you a message before leaving to Istanbul again. Yesterday we’ve performed for 100 000 people in Zwolle. What a crowd!

It’s been crazybusy the last months. I’ve been touring with Karsu ( through Europe and next month we’ll visit Brazil.

With Breathing we prepare for the continuation of Tribute to Mohammed Rafi, the Bollywoodconcert. On October 6 we’ll perform with the orchestra on the opening of the Indian Film Festival in The Hague.

Besides that I’m working with a team of arrangers for a tribute to Orfeu Negro that will take place in June in the prestigious Concertgebouw.  We’ll perform with Sweelinck Orchestra, an orchestra of nearly 90 musicians.

Also working on my Dutch album…

I will update the agenda as soon as possible.. Lot’s of gigs are coming up. Ooh yeah, also North Sea Jazz 😉


Musical greetings,