Awesome shows at Ankara, Essen, Gent and now Monte Carlo..

Hello folks,

It’s been crazy busy over here the last two months.

The tour with Karsu is so very adventurous and we’ve visited quite a few countries, with every time a growing and very enthusiastic audience. The Ankara Jazz Festival was sold out and maybe the warmest crowd thus far. Same with Essen and Gent. The concert in Essen just rocked. People were singing along and we really did the show ’together’ with the audience.

It’s pleasant to see as a bandleader how the music develops and the band is getting better every time. And Karsu is a real performer who has a strong skill to touch the audience’s hearts.

We’re now in Monaco for a show in Monte Carlo.

I’ll keep you posted about the new performances coming up..

Best wishes,

Orville Breeveld