Tribute to Mohammed Rafi was a great succes!

“A breathtaking show”: that is how the audience of the ‘Tribute to Mohammed Rafi’ has described the spectacular concert last night. The Tribute to Mohamed Rafi, organized by Breathing, which took place at Theatre Meervaart in Amsterdam on december 9-2013 took every one on a trip down memory lane. This evening was in light of Mohd Rafi’s legacy as India’s greatest singer of all time. Four young Dutch talents with roots in India, Afghanistan en Suriname showcased his music to a diverse and vibrant audience. Tamim Taban, Ilyas Nadjafi, Shalini Bholsing and Emma Westhout, who all have intrinsic relationship with Mohamed Rafi’s work sang his songs together with an a ensemble of talented and experienced musicians. Each song was recognized and welcomed with a roar of enthusiasm by audience.The show did not only appeal to Indian music lovers but also to those who were not familiar with it. This shows the universality of music and its force to bring people together from different backgrounds. It is also a reflection of this wonderful musician’s and artists ability to bridge gaps between cultures and nations, and their skill to take the audience on a historical journey back to the 60?s and 70?s. In all, the show left the audience in a mood of nostalgia and certain in want for more!

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