The Bollywood story continues, working on new album and lots of other performances

Hello everybody,

I hope you all are enjoying these beautiful sunny days in Autumn as much as I do. 😉 Hereby I would like to share some experiences and upcoming events with you.

On the 6th of October Breathing did the second Tribute to Mohammed Rafi show in the Lucent Dance Theater in The Hague. This evolved next move in tribute to the greatest voice in Bollywood surely was a success. The audience enjoyed our interpretations of legendary classics and this time we added some new songs to the repertoire. It was so nice to have all these people who have their roots in India, Afghanistan, Germany, Romania, Surinam, Indonesia, Holland, Turkey and other countries to join their artistic forces in order to create a timeless musical experience. In December we will do another show in Amsterdam. You surely don’t want to miss it! Stay tuned on the Breathing website for more info:     pics are made by mister Navin Kisoensing: 


In the previous newsletter I mentioned already that I’m working on a new album. This album will consist of songs in Dutch for most part. Songs that reflect my own life experiences, dreams and visions. This month I will finish the recordings of the first three songs. It’s a very exciting but challenging journey, because I want the songs to sound timeless but at the same time represent the level and mind-state of the musician I am right now. The name of the album will be ‘Achter De Waterval’, which means Behind The

Waterfall’. It’s because all the songs come from my philosophy that the way I live is  never upstream or downstream, but from my own secret spot behind the waterfall. With the songs I’m trying to make the listener feel and experience my deepest thoughts, visions of love and fears. The first single will be released in February. After the release of three singles, I’ll release the album in September 2014.

Today I’ll be heading to Istanbul again with Karsu and band for a show in the beautiful Cemal Resit Rey concert hall on the 25th of October. It’s still a privilege to be part of the ‘Karsu dream’ for almost two years now. I’ve seen a lot of countries and played many theaters and stages with her. And every concert is different and a lot of fun too. Her music is a perfect mix of the styles that I love. The Mediterranean spirit combined with Jazz. Just perfect! After Istanbul we’ll be touring again so stay tuned for concert dates. By the way, we have a new bassplayer in the band called Daniel Eskens. Check this guy out, he’s good!

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Alright people, I hope to see you guys at the coming performances.

One love,