Interview on Radio 1: Casa Luna

Hey Folks,

Yesterday I gave a lecture at the Rutgers Lezing ‘What about men?. An annual conference about sexuality and gender related topics. On behalf of Vitamine V I gave a lecture about my vision on masculinity and male emancipation. I’m glad the lecture was well recieved.

After the event I, together with Rachel Ploem (RutgersWPF), was invited for an interview on Radio 1 programme ‘Casa Luna’ about my column, fatherhood and also my new Dutch album which will be released in 2014. They also played my song ‘Het Beste Beloofd’ (downloadable on Itunes).

Here you’ll find the link and can listen to the whole interview (in Dutch) including the song ‘Het Beste Beloofd’.

Thanks for your invitation RutgersWPF and Casa Luna!