Great things coming..


I hope you all enjoy this cosy summer.. 🙂

There are great things coming b for me as a musician and artist. As I told before I’m working on my Dutch album which I will release somewhere in februari 2015. On the way till that moment I’ll release a few singles that have to give the tone and vibe of the album to the people. The name of the album will be ‘Achter de Waterval’, which means ‘Behind the Waterfall’. Still a lot of work to do, but we’re getting there!! 🙂

Second, with Breathing I got the invitation to perform in Surinam with the entire Bollywood Ensemble ‘Tribute to Mohd Rafi’ and four singers at the beginning of August. 🙂 I’ve already did a wonderful concert during my vacation in Surinam (last April) and performed with some amazing musicians over there. Now this invitation to perform there with this Tribute concert is amazing. Check for updates!!

The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra recently invited me to perform with some outstanding musicians. The flamenco guitarplayer from Sevilla, Rafael Domingo and ud player Mohammed Ahadaf. We payed hommage to the great Paco de Lucia and interpreted some of his compositions. With this trio there are more interesting performances coming up and also with the very unique Andalusian Orchestra.

Ferdinand van de Berg from Ferns Guitars showed me the progress of my custom built guitar and I can tell you it’s gonna be a beautiful and amazing sounding instrument… I’ve just got to be a little patience…. 😉

Tomorrow I fly again with Karsu to Istanbul for a concert in the Zorlu Center. It’s always great to visit Turkey, which I’ve visited for many, many times now, but it’s a huge country with such a variety of things to see and do. I highly recommend Turkey! 😉

For now, have a great summer and I hope to see you at one of the concerts!! 🙂

* the picture is made by Johan Janssen.