Fern’s Guitars presents: Fern’s Orville Breeveld Signature Custom Guitar

I’m really happy to announce that my own custom made signature guitar is finished! It’s the Fern’s Orville Breeveld Signature Custom guitar. The brilliant luthier Ferdinand van den Berg put all state of the art rocket science in this guitar and I can tell you this guitar sounds fantastic. The sound is bright and warm and inspires me as a musician to get deeper into music and use this instrument for endless styles and musical contexts. And the looks and feel of this guitar is just amazing. It’s a beauty! The most beautiful guitar I’ve ever seen. I just got the guitar and I can tell you it feels like a new bright era, a new musical direction and new inspiration.

Well. I will share more tech specs of the guitar and after the Indonesian tour, which starts today, Ferdinand and I will give an interview and share more photo’s.

info: www.fernsguitars.nl and https://www.facebook.com/fernsguitars

Happy like a kid!! 😉 🙂 Now let’s play a LOT of guitar!